How LCDs buyback works ?

Firstly, check out our update LCD buyback price <<

Request a Shipping Label which can be done HERE

You may qualify for free shipping if:

– You are shipping more than 100 LCDs from Canada.

– You are shipping more than 200 LCDs from USA.

– You are shipping more than 500 LCDs from outside of North America

(for certain areas and in certain cases, we obtain the right to refuse a shipping label).

Package & Send

Please be sure to package carefully so that you can maximize your payout.

Receiving & Testing

Once LCDs get to us, we take 1~3 business days  to test every single piece with corresponding cellphone motherboards.

We then give you a detailed testing report in  quantity of good, functioning and recyclable LCDs.

Get Paid Fast

You get paid with your choice with payment method: Paypal, Cheque, Wire Transfer or Interac Money Transfer. We pay as soon as we finish testing your items.



Ready to sell your cracked LCDs ?

If you have any further question, please check out FAQs page or contact us.