• Q: How do I get the broken screens to you ?

    A: We have the account with shipping carrier and will email you Flat Rate shipping labels. 100 items from Canada, 200 items from USA and 500 items from outside of North America is required for pre-paid shipping. All you have to do is print it out, tape it securely to the box and wait shipping carrier come to your place to pick up your boxes.
  • Q: How do you make the payment ?

    A: We offer a variety of payment methods to suit your business. Including: PayPal, Interac EMT, Wire Transfer ($1,000 and over ONLY), Check/Cheque and Cash.
  • Q: Will you send a prepayment ?

    A: We do understand that some new customers don’t familiar with us and would like to receive a credit before LCDs leave their shop. What we recommend is to try shipping us a test package with a smaller quantity. Not only does this allow customers to get a taste of our process but once they realize how fast and easy we are to deal with, they almost always become long term customers.
  • Q: How long will it take to get paid for LCDs ?

    A: We promise the whole process time will not be exceeded to 3 business days once LCDs get to us. We recommend LCDs be shipped to us on Mondays or Fridays so they can arrive within the week which means you will receive your pay faster.
  • Q: How should I package the LCDs ?

    A: We highly recommend packing each LCD in an individual bubble bag if you can. Layer both the bottom and tops of your box with more bubble wraps. The LCD’s should be packed securely, but not “stuffed” the box. Too much pressure can damage the LCD during transit!
  • Q: How often do LCD buyback prices change ?

    A: Not so often, but prices do change depends on the market. For majority of models, the price is usually stable unless a massive dump in the market or when new models come out. We make sure we email every customer on our mailing list with the update LCD buyback price at least once a single week even if the pricing does not change. You can now check out the latest LCD buyback price list and subscribe to our mailing list by filling out your email address on that same page: LCDs Buy Back Prices, which will ensure you are informed with all price changes at all times and try to ship LCDs to us as soon as you can to avoid losing money.
  • Q: Do you ship back defective LCDs ?

    A: We keep all defectives in case customers want them back. In case of any disagreement, your LCD’s are available and ready to be shipped back to you. It is helpful if you state that you will be requiring defective LCD’s back when shipping your order to us. For the return of defective screens , ProRecycle does not cover the postage or arrange for shipping in any circumstances.